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Welcome to the Recipe Index of Culinary Chronicles! I hope you find whatever you are looking for. I hope the recipes here are precisely quantified and explained. If you have any suggestions or feedback I would be more than happy to hear them. Please leave a comment. Happy Browsing!

Baked goods (Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, Brownies and Tarts)

This section covers a range of baked good including pies and tarts. For those who do not incorporate eggs into their cooking, please look into the Eggless Baking section below. 


For every mother, the top most question on her mind before she hits the bed is, "Whats for breakfast tomorrow?". Yes, there is hardly a day when Mom and I do not discuss this when we clear up the dishes after dinner. Please look here for a range of Indian and Western breakfast options.


Who does not love to dip a piece of Roti or bread into a rich flavourful curry? Find a range of vegetarian and chicken curries here.

Chicken Recipes 

For all those chicken lovers out there, who cannot look at a KFC or Nandos Chicken hoarding without a yearning sigh, please look here for various chicken curries and dry dishes.


Egg-less Bakes

I was wrong about Eggless bakes, before I tried  making, one of these delectable baked goods myself. Careful substitution of eggs in any recipe can yield a baked good as good as the original.  

Ice-creams and Frozen Desserts

I have come a little further than the crystalized and tough to break ice-creams we get with the packaged ice-cream mixes from the shelves. It is possible to make smooth ice-creams at home. How about some really cool drinks to chill out with?

 Indian Flatbreads (Rotis, Parathas)

In the Southern part of India, stuffed parathas were once considered a pure North Indian delicacy only ordered at restaurants. That was before cable televisions with cooking shows hosting stalwarts like Sanjeev Kapoor and Tarla Dalal. Now this simple and wonderful delicacy has entered almost every kitchen in the country.

Jams and spreads

A small spoon of fruit preserve or jam is the best accompaniment to a couple of slices of bread or rotis, in a long journey (either on road or in the rail). Simple, delicious and easy managed to pack and eat during travel. How wonderful would it be without all the artificial colourings and preservatives? 

Maternity and baby food

Motherhood is a wonderful but highly stressful experience. And that is precisely why a mother should take her nutritional requirements seriously. The foundation of her baby's food habits at a very early age, is also of utmost importance. I hope this page gives you most information that you are looking for. Be sure to consult with your  baby's pediatrician before starting your baby on any solid food.

Podis and Chutneys 

Worried about the filler's and adulterants in store-bought podis and masala powders? It is super-easy to make your own. All the more, you know what is precisely in it. Try it out and you will never look back at the powders on the store shelves. 

Rice varieties

Right from Kichidi to Pulav, rice lends itself to a variety of mouth-watering dishes. Celebrate this wonderful grain with these tasty recipes!

Savory and Sweets 

No Indian festival is complete without some home-made laddoos, kheer and murukku. The whole fun of celebrating any festival lies in making these savories and sweets at home! Grandmas and moms are the treasure chests of these wonderful recipes!

Soups and Starters

Even a diet conscious person cannot resist a bite of vada or spinach corn cutlet. These are usually loaded with lentils and or vegetables, and ofcourse deep fried ;). Here's the up side, a few are baked too! So check them out.

Yeast Breads

That elusive ingredient in bread-baking. If you are living in India, I bet you know precisely how tough it is to find good quality yeast, unless you are a friend of the neighborhood baker's. Well I have occasionally had success with the store-bought yeast and I thought I should document those here.
I now have the pleasure of using "Gloripan" brand if yeast that gives me success in every attempt!


For those who have just taken a step into the culinary world, it can be very overwhelming... Should the pumpkin be skinned before preparation? Should one add the salt to the Dal, before it is cooked or after? Why are the idlis not soft enough? Why is the curd not set well? Fret not, go through this section and you might find answers to your queries. If not, leave a comment or email me with your questions and I will get back to you with answers.


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