Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Best Tart - Event Announcement and a Giveaway

Hello Friends,

As mentioned in my previous post, here is the exciting event announcement. When I first started baking, I was only familiar with cup-cakes, cookies, breads and cakes. But with blog hopping and some reading I came across brownies, muffins and tarts. I understand that there was a whole new world out there and I had barely scratched the surface. I was skeptical about buying tart tins, as I was not sure if there is so much variety that I can bake with tarts. But I was wrong. Tarts are interesting. They require a pastry base and then a filling. The filling can be anything ranging from fresh berries in some syrup to something that is baked with the tart shell. With the mini tart tins without removable bottoms, the trick is to remove the tart shell without breaking. I see that tarts are not too common in blogs I visit. So I figured, I might as well host an event and encourage fellow bloggers out there to bake more of these sinfully delightful pastries.

So herez to the best tart/tartlet that one can bake.

1. Bake any tart/tartlet (only sweet) of your choice. We will skip the savory quiches for this event.
2. Post the recipe (include the logo) between 1st-30th September.
3. If updating an older post, please include the logo in the post and update it.
4. You can use Eggs in the tart base or filling but no meat.
5. Send me an email at with the following details:
a) Your blog name
b) URL to the post
c) Your email-id

If you do not blog, feel free to send the write up of the recipe with atleast one picture to my email id.

For the giveaway:

I have a beautiful ceramic pie plate chosen from zansaar as the giveaway. I bought it a couple of months back, but I got delayed with my 100th post and the event announcement. But I am excited to even look at it. It is a beautiful bold yellow color. See for yourself at this link.
If you have an entry for the event, you automatically qualify for the giveaway.
If not, please do any of the following:
1. Subscribe to follow my blog publicly
2. Leave a comment on this post

I will post a round-up of the event and announce the winner on 10th October, 2012. So keep those entries coming, dear bakers!

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Achu said...

Wow lovely giveaway!!!! Am new to your space..Came to know you through baking eggless :) Sure ill post my new entry to you..I ll post my tarts published on my blog for aug it ok for me to submit tarts to you.i ll send u my URL Do visit my blog once you are free..Happy to follow you.I ll be thankful to u for following me back. Awaiting to hear your comments :)

Priya Kumar said...

Thank Your Achu! I am glad to follow you. You have some fantastic recipes. I loved the tricolor tart!

Priya Kumar said...

Sure Achu, please send in your entries after you add the logo to the post.

Anjali Shukla said...

What a fab event...I'll be posting at least one for this... :)

Unknown said...

Hi! Thank you for letting me know about your event. But I'm really sorry! My mom has already packed away my camera and oven! :) I have my major exams so I'm not allowed to even enter the kitchen! I'll definitely link as many as possible to any events you conduct November onwards. But this time, I'm sorry! :)

Julie said...

Sending mine..Thanx for the invitation,Priya..Lovely giveaway too!!
Join my ongoing EP events-Oregano OR Paprika @ Foodomania

kpks said...

You got me baking a sweet tart finally!
Best Tart or Tartlet event

Unknown said...

Hi Priya,

Great event. Thanks for including me. Would surely try to make something to enter the same.

All the best!

Achu said...

Sorry for the delay.I have added your logo on my blog..please re check it once.Hoping to qualify for the giveaway.Already subscribed it to you.

kpks said...

I mailed one more recipe for your tart, not sure if you received it:

BTW, thanks for the lovely fondant recipe. My soon to be 3 year old wants angry birds and pigs for his birthday. Hoping to cut cupcakes into balls, cover it with fondant and then mark off the birds with more fondant or icing sugar or fruit bars like his last birthday cake.

Any suggestions to make this fool proof is most welcome!

Priya Kumar said...

Glad that you liked the Fondant Recipe. Add exactly the amount of powdered/icing sugar mentioned. It might appear a little loose, but eventually it is fine to hold shape after drying out. And the fondant keeps well for a year.

And lovely tarts. I have added your entry!

Anjali Bapna Shukla said...

Man, how did I not follow you by now is all I'm thinking! I though I've already followed you but suddenly realized that I missed on that, so task accomplished with love. :)
I need to try out your fondant recipe soon. :)

Manju @ Manjus Eating Delights said...

Oh shoot, I'm too late at viewing this event, would have loved to participate :-) First time here, nice space you have here.

DO stop by at your leisure! See you again.