About Me

I'm Priya and my passion for cooking started way back in my school days; Growing up with a working mother, I used to pitch in a bit, during the morning rush to give finishing touches to the lunch preparation. On weekends I would experiment with simple biscuit puddings, cutlets, bajjis, custard and ice-cream; After marriage is when I actually started cooking proper meals and started enjoying it immensely. My husband is not much of a foodie, so my experiments were limited to normal everyday dishes, occasionally some snacks and savories for tea-time and sweets for festive occasions.

I have always been fascinated with baking, but after a couple of disastrous attempts at baking a cake in the microwave using a pyrex dish, I gave up. My husband's friend invited us over to a tea-party last Christmas and I was simply astounded at the range of cookies, rolls and cakes that his wife had baked. She prepared the entire feast using a microwave-cum-convection oven and mentioned that she borrows recipes from joyofbaking. My interest in baking was rekindled for an additional reason. I am the mother of a 16 month old daughter and all attempts to get her to put on weight and appear chubby, have been futile; so I decided to resume experimenting with cakes and cookies. Now I cannot help hunting for and bookmarking interesting cookie/cake recipes for the weekend. I find it extremely fulfilling to bake cookies and cakes rather than cook tiresome three-course meals ;) the reason being my daughter pointing to the cookie and cake boxes saying "aaah" with her mouth wide open and one finger pointing to it :). I devote most of my browsing time to food blogs and culinary websites.

It never occurred to me to photograph my earlier preparations; frankly, I am not good at photography at all. I was simply jotting down recipes and the alterations that worked for me in a bulky journal book of mine. My friends encouraged me to put these up in the blog and I finally decided to. Thank you M & L for the inspiration. I am still learning the nuances of cooking and baking, and illustrations ofcourse, and I hope to get better at it.

I am also interested in trying out traditional dishes from grandma's experience (papads, pickles and traditional sweets). I have been collecting recipes from her and I shall post those with photographs, once tried and fine tuned.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and find the recipes useful, as much as I enjoy dishing up these varieties and sharing them here. I would love to hear from you too... Please post your feedback, suggestions and comments!