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Kozhukattai or Modhak is another favourite for Ganesh Chathurthi.
It is actually quite simple to prepare. This has been lying in my drafts for more than a year now. I postponed it as I had let the rice flour brown a bit too much resulting in the dull coloured kozhukattais. I wanted to take better pictures in 2012 during Ganesh chathurthi, but I did not manage to, although the kozhukattais turned out great. So I finally decided to post it with my older pictures, pointing out the mistakes one should avoid while making kozhukattai (modhak).

For the shells: 
Rice flour - 1 cup
Salt - 1 pinch
Water to knead

For the stuffing:
White Till - 1/2 cup
Grated Coconut -  1 cup
Jaggery, shredded - 1 cup
Cardamom powder - 1 pinch
Rice dough for the shell:
Heat a heavy bottomed dry vessel, and fry the rice flour till the raw smell goes. Do not let the rice flour turn brown. I let it in the heat for too long and it browned, causing these dull coloured shells. For Ganesh Chathurthi (2012), I did not let it brown and the shells turned out very white and inviting. I do not have any pictures of those kozhukattai's unfortunately. 
Remove the rice flour, let it cool and add the salt and mix well. Heat a cup of water in the vessel, and add the rice flour to it mixing slowly with a spatula. Add more hot water as required. Make a smooth dough of the rice flour.

Stuffing or Pooranam:
Roast the till until golden brown; allow it to cool. Mix the grated coconut and shredded jaggery with the cardamom. Add the till and keep aside. 

Shaping and stuffing the Modhak: 
Take some rice dough, the size of a small lemon. Form a hollow hemisphere with the dough. Take some stuffing the size of a small lemon and stuff it inside the hollow of the hemisphere. Close the hemisphere and shape the edges sealing the stuffing inside. Make a curved pattern around the sealed edge. 

Steaming the Modhak:
Place one kozhukattai each on the idli plate. I have a four plate idli, and two such plates fit into a kadai. So I place 8 kozhukattais for steaming at a time. Steam cook the kozhukattais for 5-6 minutes. Keep a close watch after 4 minutes, if the the shell seems baked, then switch off the steamer immediately. Gently loosen up the kozhukattais from the idli plate and place on a plate to cool down completely. 

Verdict: A couple of mistakes one should avoid while making the kozhukattais. Avoid roasting the rice flour too much. Use hot water to make the rice flour dough and be quick in kneading the dough, otherwise it will not be smooth. Rice flour will almost get cooked in the hot water during the kneading process. Avoid steaming the kozhukattai for too long. If you have just observed these simple precautions, you can treat yourself to kozhukattais that look as yummy as they taste :). You cannot go wrong with the taste in this recipe. So it is all about the looks. 
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