Sunday, 17 June 2012

Jaljeera - Cool Mint-Lime Drink

Jal-jeera is a wonderful refreshing drink in the summer months. With the goodness of lime, mint and cumin, it is also an excellent appetizer. 

It is extremely simple to prepare. I did not know that until recently my husband asked me to make it since we had too much mint leaves on hand. I looked up the internet and came across this recipe from Indobase:


Cumin seeds - 2 tbsp
Mint leaves - 2 tbspFresh coriander leaves - 1 tspLemon juice - 2 tbspBlack salt - 1/2 tsp Chilled water - 5 cups (750 ml)Sugar - 1 pinch


Roast the cumin seeds and allow them to cool. Grind the cumin seeds into fine powder. Grind mint and coriander leaves to make a smooth paste. 

To the mint-coriander paste, add the lemon juice, cumin powder, salt and sugar and mix well. Add the water and garnish with fresh mint leaves. Serve chilled. 

You could add the lemon and mint leaves to your taste. You could use normal iodised salt instead of black salt. 

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