Saturday, 14 May 2011

Masala Biscuit

Who does not have a weakness for spicy biscuits or savories to go with tea? I certainly do. So when I started baking, I was on the look-out for the non-chocolaty, non-sugary biscuits that are a perfect complement to a cup of hot beverage. Divya's blog post on Masala biscuits turned out to be just the perfect thing I was looking for.  I have baked these quite often in the past and they have turned out lightly browned and crumbly in the mouth. I do not know if it is the new Anodized Pizza pan that doubles as my baking sheet, that is causing the excessive browning. I need to get that checked out and standardize the temperature and time setting with the new baking pan. I usually cut them out round, but I was excited to have got my new set of cookie cutters from Singapore a couple of days back, when sis-in-law and bro visited. I wanted to try those shapes out. My daughter cut most of these biscuits that makes this all the more special to me.

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