Thursday, 19 May 2011


How many of us have noticed those apple shaped coconut covered chocolate cakes at bakeries. I find them so tempting but resist myself everytime I visit a bakery. I came across a recipe for similar looking cubical cakes on this blog and wanted to try it out from a really long time. I finally decided to bake it last weekend, when bro and sis-in-law were here.
I followed the Vanilla Tea cake recipe from my earlier post and used the Lamington's chocolate frosting recipe. The cakes turned out really yum, but as always the picture hardly does any credit ;).
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Sneha Benny said...

You blog is very good for a starter. Happy Blogging !!!

aipi said...

they look super delicious ~ I can almost taste them and want to grab a few :)
US Masala

Taste Junction said...

I am thinking of baking a loaf and this looks good. First time here and going to this one a shot...Do check out my space as well - Anamika

Priya Kumar said...

Thank you Sneha.

Thank you Aipi :)

Good luck with the loaf, Anamika. Let me know how it turns out!