Sunday, 20 October 2013

Red Velvet Cake

Every huge happening in life is a bittersweet experience, each bestowing us with a share of joy and demanding some sort of sacrifice or compromise. College, the first job, marriage, motherhood - yes wonderful milestones, but requiring minor if not major adjustments to our lifestyle, habits, environment and so on. But what matters at the end of the day is that the experiences themselves leave us with a sense of inner peace and calm and help us grow better as humans.

Home baking and food blogging changed my life... I try to squeeze in my hobby into my already demanding schedule, and end up double timing often. But the sense of satisfaction that comes from following my passion is unparalleled and makes all this chaos worthwhile. 

I made this "red velvet cake" for my husband's b'day. I had decided to frost it with white chocolate ganache. The red velvet sponge turned out perfect. But the ganache was funny. I will get to that story in a bit. So this was a bittersweet experience too. A perfect sponge with an imperfect frosting. Well, that is life!
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Since I followed the recipe for the sponge to the t, I will omit repeating it here.

About the ganache. I had read on blogs and other cooking websites that the dark chocolate ganache recipe can be used to make white chocolate ganache too. Having that confirmation, I just proceeded to make the ganache with the following proportions:

200 grams - white chocolate
3/4 cup - whipping cream
2 tablespoon - unsalted butter

The actual proportions for white chocolate ganache to be spreadable or for it to set is: 
340 grams of white chocolate and 45-60 ml of cream. Butter can be omitted. (info source: Ganache problem). The next time I plan to use these proportions.

But no one even noticed the runny ganache. The frosting was so yummy and so was the sponge. 

Do try the red-velvet sponge and the contrasting cream-cheese or white chocolate frosting. It is a feast to look at. 

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WOW the red color is so fascinating
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