Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Rava Laddu (Sooji Laddu)

Rava laddu is a simple, easy to make Indian sweet. It stays fresh for about a week and can be easily packed away in boxes for travel. We always make rava laddu for Diwali, other than the athirasam ofcourse. I usually do not post festival specific recipes on the blog, since those are really busy days and I often do not even get a chance to click pictures. But this time, I made it a point to take some pictures, albeit of lower resolution. But since then, I had no time to write up the recipe and post it. So without much delay here comes the recipe.

Rava / Sooji- 500gm (I used the chirotti rava)
Sugar-1 1/2cups
Broken Cashew-1/4cups (optional)
Cardamom Powder-1tsp

1. Roast rava until it changes colour. Do not let it brown.
2. If using normal rava, grind it to a fine powder in a mixer grinder. If using chirotti rava, skip this step.
3. Grind sugar into a fine powder and add it to powdered rava.
4. If using cashews, heat 1/2tsp ghee and add broken cashews.
5. Fry until golden brown.
6. Add it to the rava mixture along with cardamom powder.
7. Mix well.

8. Heat ghee and add a ladle full of hot ghee into one corner of the mixture. Mix well with a spoon.
9. Shape it into medium sized laddoo. When the ghee mixed flour is over, again add hot ghee to a portion of the rava mixture. Shape the laddoos before the ghee cools down.
10. Prepare laddoo in batches. If more ghee is added then the laddoo will not firm up, and if ghee has cooled down, the shaped laddoo will crumble. If the shaped laddoo does not crumble, but does not retain the spherical shape under its own weight, then there is too much ghee.
11. Arrange on plate and allow it to firm up.
12. Store in airtight jar, for upto a week.

Verdict: These are simple laddoos and relatively healthy compared to other Indian sweets.
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Reva said...

Simple delightful sweet..:)

Swathi Iyer said...

Rava ladoo is my favorite. Love it.