Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Avarekaalu (Mochcha kottai) Vegetable Rice

The mochchai kottai or avarekaalu as known in Bangalore, just floods the markets twice a year, in the months of December-Jan and once again from June-July. We make various dishes with this tasty bean. Hubby dear just dreads that season ;), he expects to find avarekaalu every day for two weeks at a stretch... So I limit the use of it in our dishes... But nevertheless, we make the most of it when it is available, don't we not? I decided not to bore hubby dear with more and more gravy dishes made out of mochchai kottai. So instead I decided to use it in the regular vegetable rice recipe. I pretty much followed the same ingredients and method as in this recipe, just substituting green peas with mochchai kottai.
 Verdict: If you like mochchai kottai then this vegetable rice is simply irresistible :). This is a must cook dish now in the mochchai season ;). The good news is even hubby dear who is not really fond of this bean, did not mind it one bit.
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